1 & 2 Corinthians: A More Excellent Way - A Book by Pastor Dan Caram






November 2002



1 & 2 Corinthians
"The More Excellent Way"


In 1 Cor.15:8, Paul declared himself to be "an apostle born (before the due) time." This statement is especially true concerning many of Paulís writings. For example: Paulís teaching on the man of sin, the Second Coming of Christ and the first resurrection were not relevant for the first century. However, because of the Apostleís present tense manner of delivery, many of the saints applied those teachings to their day. Some even went to the extremeÖ retiring from their employment, withdrawing from everyday life to wait for the Lordís return. Such was the case in the Thessalonian church.

In many ways, this New Testament theologian writes more to the church of our time than to any other generation. The Corinthian epistles are a good example of this. By the end of the first century AD, the supernatural phenomenon of Pentecost was waning. The church was becoming more and more ecclesiastical and ritualistic. Eventually, the problems associated with Pentecost no longer existed. Frankly, the church was dead!

The church had dried up and was lapsing into an era that was later called by the historians "The Dark Ages." In spite of this, there were always a few groups over the centuries that experienced the renewing from heaven. They spoke in tongues and had visions, etc. However, it was still quite rare until the twentieth century. In the year 1904, there was a tremendous Pentecostal revival in Wales. That revival helped to spark others such as the "Azuza Street" revival, in Los Angeles (1906). They experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit similar to Acts chapter two. That event sent spiritual shock waves around the world. Suddenly seekers from all directions were coming, crying out for the baptism from heaven.

God has since moved in many places and in many denominations. The Charismatic movement which began about 1966, touched many churches, churches that did not even believe in the supernatural realm of the Spirit. Today, there are many Spirit-filled congregations throughout the land, and suddenly Paulís Corinthian epistles, written 1950 years ago, have become very relevant.


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