Tabernacle of David: The Higher Worship of Mt Zion - A Book by Pastor Dan Caram






September 2003

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Tabernacle of David
The Higher Worship of Mount Zion


The Tabernacle of David is a topic that has stirred much interest in recent years. How could such an obscure subject suddenly come to center stage? In this exposition, the author will show clearly how this "veil-less" tent upon Mount Zion reveals the higher dimension of worship that our God seeks (John 4:24).

Davidís Tabernacle not only reveals the higher worship of Mount Zion, but it also reveals the New Covenant standard. This veil-less tent housed the Ark of the Covenant. The veiled Ark speaks of the Old Covenant, whereas, the unveiled Ark speaks of the New Covenant.

David had entered (figuratively) into a dimension that the church is just rediscovering. The reality of the rent veil, the reality of the manifest presence of God, and the qualifications that will allow us to ascend the "Holy Hill." This book will challenge you to be a "true worshipper!"



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